Mar 25 to 28, 2022, USA Open?

Hi there,

I am new to USACO and trying to find some info for my kids. In Mar25 to 28, it says that there is USA Open? Anyone knows what this means? I mean my kids have been participating in Jan and Feb window to try to upgrade themselves from Bronze to Silver unsuccessful. But it is ok. So I am curious during this March 25 to 28, will my kids have chance to do a regular Bronze level test/problems? Or will it be different since it says “USA Open” instead of “Fourth Contest” . Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I think the USA Open is the fourth contest, except it’s usually harder than the the other ones …
At least, that’s what this thread says.

Keyword being usually. Sometimes the US Open is actually easier than the other contests for some people.

They should try the open problems from previous years. Problems from the December, January, and February problems should also help as long as they’re improving their thinking and coding skills. You should also have them try Codeforces problems, which are equally as good as USACO problems if not better :slight_smile: .