US Open

Is it a good idea to study one level up to get ready for US Open? I heard it is harder than normal contest.


I mean, why wouldn’t you study for the US Open? It’s just a contest like any other (albeit a bit harder).

EDIT: After reading the question a bit more carefully, I’d say you might just want to gloss over it a bit, but don’t spend too much time. The US Open Silver division is still the Silver division.

I think you misread the question @SansPapyrus683

Oh yeah, I did misread the question. My bad!

Just do hard problems tbh… You should be able to pass US Open problems just from that ngl…

you passed silver (or any divison) in an open contest?

??? Do you mean whether I passed any division during a US Open Contest? If that’s the case, then no… I haven’t… I just looked at previous problems and put my best judgement.

Oh ok, just asking

I recommend you ask personal questions via PM