What will happen If I just follow USACO GUIDE till gold without practicing on codeforces

Right now, I am just following USACO GUIDE and I would like to ask you what will happen If I just follow USACO GUIDE? I am currently a newbie at codeforces and bronze in USACO. If I manage to somehow get to gold in usaco. Will my rating even change on codeforces? As it has been written that in USACO FACTS that it just enough. Have you followed it, how was your experience with it.

Achieving USACO Gold has no effect on your CF rating, but it should mean you should be able to at least reach Specialist on Codeforces through contests.

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@SansPapyrus683 Thanks for your reply. BTW any user on this site will not be that dumb to expect to reach high rating on codeforces without participating.