What is your division when you pass Platinum?

When you pass the Bronze, your division is Silver, and when you pass the silver, your division is Gold, I want to know what is your division when you pass Platinum? There is no another lever after Platinum.

Camp → IOI I think.

You can’t pass Platinum.


Do you mean, Even if you pass the platinum level, your level is still platinum.

Yup that’s what he meant.

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Once you’re at Platinum, you can take a summer camp, and get to IOI.

I think you mean once you’re at Platinum, you could potentially be selected to camp. You don’t take the summer camp once you’re in Platinum (otherwise there’d be at least 300 people at camp). Also, you don’t get directly into IOI once you’re in Camp; you have to qualify and be top 4 in order to make IOI.