What is wrong with my references?

Problem Info

Teleport: USACO

My Work

there is something wrong with my referencing :( need helpppp )
#include <iostream>
#include <cstdio>
#include <cmath>
using namespace std;

int main (){
//   freopen("teleport.in", "r", stdin);
//   freopen("teleport.out", "w", stdout);
  int start, end, tel1, tel2;
  cin >> start >> end >> tel1 >> tel2;
  int minDist = abs (end - start);

  if (abs (start - tel1) < abs (start - tel2))    {
      int& closer = tel1;
      int& further = tel2;
      cout<<closer<<" "<<further<<endl;
      else {
      int& closer = tel2; 
      int& further = tel1;
    int maybeOut = abs (start - closer) + abs (end - further);
      if (maybeOut < minDist){
	  cout << maybeOut;
      else	{
	  cout << minDist;

      return 0;

Add explanation of code here:
First it finds the length of the distance without the teleporter, then it compares it with the length when the teleporter is used. Outputs the shorter distance.

What I’ve Tried



I did a little bit of debugging and found that the problem is most likely with my referencing. What did I do wrong?

What do you mean by your referencing?

The referencing cpp function thing
Uses & as an operator thing
Ugh idk what words to use :confused:
Google will explain it better

You shouldn’t need to use any references or anything to solve this problem. I’d honestly recommend rewriting this algorithm.