Use terminal in sublime text?

So i just switched to sublime text(it is pretty pog) but i just don’t know how to run code there without using a file since usaco switched to standard io. Does anyone know how to?

Also i see that Benq sent a github thing in this forum about sublime but i am not sure how to view it lol.

Isn’t it just a link? What’s preventing you from viewing it?

Setup looks like this (w/ containing 5)

If you really want to use Terminal within sublime?


hmm it is probably since i use windows then. No terminal seems to show up when i run my code.

so my setup look like this. When i run code(ctrl-shit-b → c++ single file wrong), all that happens is a small box at the bottom pop up but nothing happens when i write my input into the box. Am I doing something wrong? or maybe it’s just because it works differently on windows lol.

It might just be the buffer. Maybe try putting all your input in there first.

I’m not compiling / running within sublime text.

oh i see. Also i love your pfp(aops right?)

its bessie the cow now :open_mouth:

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