USASO Qualification

I just graduated high school, am I allowed to compete and qualify for Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc level events?

No, USACO is meant for current high school students only.

From the USACO Contest Instructions, it says:

Eligibility and Participation

All are welcome to participate in USACO contests and training. Only pre-college students in the USA are eligible for selection as finalists to attend the USACO training camp and to contend for membership on the USA IOI team.

So I think @above’s post is wrong…

Thank you for the clarification.
I don’t intend to attend training camp or participate IOI team, but to achieve a level, silver or gold, that I will be satisfied.

Yes you can :+1:


Of course. However, you cannot qualify for USACO Camp :frowning: .

Oops, I stand corrected.