USACO Rating - A tool to estimate USACO Problems' difficulties in terms of CF rating

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I bring to you USACO Rating :cow: ! USACO Rating is a web application tool for estimating USACO problems’ difficulties in terms of CF ratings. There is also a quality metrics, so you can practice on only the most worthy problems, and avoid low-quality ones. The website is here:

We are also currently looking for more volunteers to better adjust the estimations through voting. If you’re interested, please check out

As someone who has always struggled to find USACO problems with the correct difficulties, I know the pain of attempting a question and only realizing after reading the editorial that it’s either too easy or too hard, wasting a precious problem. Therefore I hope this website can serve as a remedy for that issue :relieved:. Hope you find it useful! And please contact me if you have any feedback! :heart: