USACO guide expected knowledge difficulty

Hello World! I am completely new to this kind of programming. I have never participated in a contest, and am trying to learn from USACO guide

I am having difficulty solving the CSES problemset questions including, and after “Two Sets” and also having some difficulty with some of the USACO bronze questions

All of these problems are in the “expected knowledge” section of USACO guide.

Should I keep trying to solve these problems? I have spent a week trying for all of these problems. Or should I move to bronze and learn?

It’s okay to read the solutions for the problems you tried for a while and move on. Though keep in mind that Bronze problems will usually be harder than the ones in this section.

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Hello Benq, thank you for your reply.

Just as an added point, I am able to solve these problems conceptually, fairly easily.
What I mean is, I KNOW how the problem works. And given any test case, I can compute the solution by hand. However, I am having trouble coming up with the CODE to solve the prblem. Is it okay for me to skip and come back?

if you can solve the problems conceptually, maybe it would be better to read someone else’s solution, and then make sure you can implement your own solution without looking at that other solution. not sure.

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Thanks so much. Also I’ll just keep going on and try more and more.