Teach for Competitive Programming Initiative (parent org of usaco.guide)! Earn volunteer hours!

Do you enjoy USACO? Do you want to help others discover the world of competitive programming too? You can volunteer for the CPI’s USACO Classes and earn service hours while having fun teaching USACO!

Apply to become a CPI Class Instructor here:

Bronze Class: Fridays 5-7pm PDT, 10/1/21 to 12/3/21 (skip 11/26/21)
Silver Class: Saturdays 4-6pm PDT, 10/2/21 to 12/4/21 (skip 11/27/21)

Each class is comprised of 9 two-hour sessions. You don’t have to be available for the full 9 weeks, though it is preferred. You can earn 3 volunteer hours per session (2 hour session + 1 hour prep time). CPI is a PVSA-certified organization, which means that the volunteer hours you earn with us can be used for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award.

Where does the money earned from classes go?
Hosting the USACO Forum, creating the USACO Guide, and filing the legal paperwork all costs money. All funds earned from classes goes towards supporting initiatives from CPI to further the world of competitive programming. None of the CPI staff personally profit from the classes. We also offer extensive financial aid – Students who are unable to afford the classes can take it for free. In fact, 1/3 of our students from the first session received some form of financial aid (with the majority of these students getting access to these classes for free). Compared to other classes, CPI classes are some of the cheapest options available.

What’s the Competitive Programming Initiative?
The Competitive Programming Initiative is a PVSA-certified nonprofit organization that aims to increase participation in competitive programming. One way we do this is by offering ultra-affordable competitive programming classes. We’re also the team behind the USACO Guide and the USACO Forum.

Why should I teach?
Teaching at CPI is a great way to improve your teaching skills, earn volunteer hours, and give back to the Competitive Programming community! You will have the opportunity to help mentor the next generation of competitive programmers.

What are the requirements?
Typically, we require that Bronze instructors are in USACO Gold or higher, and that Silver instructors are in USACO Platinum (though this is not a hard rule). There will be a short application form and an informal interview process.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below!