Study tips before the December Contest


So I’ve been practicing a lot, and since the majority of next week will be school-free, I’ve decided to get on the grind and begin reworking many of these problems. Nonetheless, I don’t feel that working through every problem since 2015 will be a good use of my time, so I wanted to personally as you what you recommend solving during the remaining weeks until the day of the contest. Do you recommend solving only 2019-2020 problems or perhaps all of the guide problems. Please let me know.


I’d recommend mastering all the USACO-Guide topics for the division that you want to pass, and then once you’ve accomplished that, go finish all the miscellaneous problems that might not have been mentioned in the guide, or that you didn’t do previously.


interested in this too.

I just try to solve every problem in the past 5 years… is there some better way to practice?

I practiced by doing past gold and plat problems randomly. So doing old problems is probably a good way to practice!

Are there any good contests to virtual that would be around hard gold/easy plat level? I’ve already looked at nearly all USACO Gold + Plat problems from 2015 December onwards.

See Olympiads.