Stop publishing names for Bronze

Just wondering why USACO stopped publish names for bronze this year?

too many people passed bronze + silver this year

Uhhh only like a 100 ppl pass silver. Idk y they removed it :open_mouth:

Yea, but for bronze, about 500 ppl passed in Dec. and Jan.

But less than 200 for feb.

Over 1000 ppl passed in Jan wdym???

Is too many people the only reason? Because more people are qualified, does it mean bronze is less valuable? For a lot of students, passing bronze is a great achievement and those students want to see their name listed. I feel USACO should be more inclusive rather than making it an elite USACO. Also we saw similar numbers in Dec 2019 though.


from USACO Discord Server

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I guess so. If more people can achieve what you can achieve, it does make it less valuable.

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