Spaced out further application

for spaced out on silver can it be proven that the answer for any optimal subgrid of size n x n containing exactly n cows is just the maximum row/col of any alternation of size n? (so like if the gaps were greater than 2)

proof by AC

well no it’s not the same problem…

oh wait yeah it says containing exactly n cows
wait wdym by the maximum row/col of any alteration

so in the problem the alternation size would be 2 since you just take the max of all i such that i % 2 == 0 and 1 but maybe for say i = 4 you would take all of i such that i % 4 == 0 i % == 1… i % 4 == 3

So by i = 4, you mean that you only only allow 4 cows in a 4x4 square? Or is it still 2 cows in a 4x4 square?