Silver Division Remodeling

For the Silver division, I recommend that you combine prefix sums and sorting and searching. Then I recommend that you rename the section to “Operations on Data Structures” or something. This is because I don’t really think that prefix sums is its own section.

Are you recommending that we merge this module with More Operations with Ordered Sets?

Yea that’s what I think is good

To be honest, I think that would be too long. Prefix Sums has a lot of content in it, as does “More Operations with Ordered Sets”, so I don’t think we could do that. @Benq - your thoughts?

Not sure why you would suggest merging two completely different modules. Perhaps “More Operations on Ordered Sets” could be merged w/ the following module, but then I think it would be too long.

It’s a bit odd that prefix sums currently is in a section by itself, but the topics in “Sorting & Searching” are more closely related to each other than to prefix sums.

It’s just that I thought that prefix sums being alone was weird and maybe merging modules was a solution.

We can split prefix sums into two modules :stuck_out_tongue:

Should we split the prefix sum module as: 1D prefix sums and 2D prefix sums?

Probably not.

I think that would be a bit better