"Review" Markings for Problems

The markings for attempted problems are “solving” and “solved”, representing practice progress. I would really like another option for “to review”, signaling that I practiced & perhaps solved it, but still have to read the solution. I would also appreciate “didn’t understand solution”, showing that I worked on the problem and read the solution but still have questions about it.

The above markings can really help people track their reviewing progress. If it’s possible to add these “review” markings to the Dashboard, under the Active Problems section, that would be great.

Wouldn’t this fall under “solving”?

Wouldn’t “review” just be “solving” though…?

Sure, but it may be too general a label then. “Solving” would represent still trying to figure the problem out yourself. I’d like a distinction in the Dashboard between “solving”, “to review”, and “didn’t understand”, so I can keep track of a to-do list. Otherwise, I can’t differentiate between something I have to ask a question about, something I have to read the solution for, or something I still have to code & implement.

When would you have to read a solution for a problem you’ve already solved though? Even if you had to, wouldn’t you just read the solution immediately after solving the problem before starting the next problem (in which case marking the problem a “solving” would be good enough)?