Python Time Issues

I have heard about python being too slow for some problems, but I have never encountered that issue in the (admittedly few) problems that I have done. I was wondering, how often do problems, that python can’t do fast enough, occur?

Which division problems are you doing? I’m pretty sure that using Python is OK in the silver and bronze divisions, while using it in gold, and especially platinum, can start to cause problems.

The December 17-20 2021 USACO contest will be my first contest, but I seem to be able to complete most bronze level problems as practice fairly easily, so I expect I will at least reach silver. But, as I said, that will be my first contest, so I don’t know how I’ll do with a time limit.

Alright. Python will probably work fine for Bronze, and probably all the way through Silver as well. However, if your USACO ambitions lie in Gold or beyond, I suggest you start learning C++ as soon as possible.

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Since the December contest is very close I would not suggest switching languages now. Python should work fine for Bronze, although personally I wouldn’t advise using it after that, even in Silver (while it may not be impossible to pass Silver with Python, your margin of error will be a lot smaller and either way if you pass Silver you definitely can’t use Python for Gold). When you pass Bronze would be a good time to start learning C++ or Java, IMO.