Problems with Multiple Tags

Some problems are in multiple sections of the guide and have multiple tags. For example, Disruption is in BCC’s and 2CC’s, Heavy-Light Decomposition, Small-to-Large Merging, and Binary Jumping and has tags HLD, LCA, and Merging. However, within each unit, it has only one tag (i.e. in the binary jumping unit, it only has the tag LCA).

Do multiple tags mean that every single one of those concepts is necessary to solve the problem? If not, how do you tell whether you can solve a problem if it has more tags than the unit you are working on? In particular, I’m wondering if Disruption can be solved if I know LCA, but I don’t know any of the other things.

This problem is assigned different tags in different modules because there are many different ways to do it. So yes, there is a solution involving only LCA / binary jumping.