Operations Restrictions for Old USACO Silver


I need help understanding the operation limits for old USACO Silver. How many operations can be done maximum before timeouts occur for test cases in old USACO Silver problems?

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Depends on the operation, you can find some discussion here: How many operations per second can my solution be? - Codeforces.

To test on USACO you can do something like the following:

Problem: USACO


#include <iostream>
uint32_t solve(uint32_t N) {
	uint32_t ans = 0;
	while (N) ans ^= N--;
	return ans;
int main() {
	int N; std::cin >> N;
	if (N == 6) std::cout << 115; // answer to first test case
	else if (solve(1000000000+N)) std::cout << 43964210127; // answer to second test case


As you can see, 10^9 xors take less than a second. Same for unsigned addition.