Online classes for student not quite ready for USACO?

Hello, I have a relative who wants to do USACO but barely made it through AP Computer Science and just to give you an idea, is struggling at Code Wars problems involving nested loops and loop state and that kind of thing. I’m wondering if there is a place he can take a more advanced Java class as a way of building skill before attempting USACO problems and just finding out if he has any aptitude for it without the constant struggle he would feel attempting actual USACO problems. Know of any good online Java classes?

(This would definitely not include USACO prep courses as I’m guessing these would be way too hard.)

I can’t think of any good courses exactly, but if you know the general basics of the language (simple for loops and if statements), then I’d suggest that your relative just keep on grinding through problems (looking at the solution if necessary) until they get the hang of it. I found doing problems more helpful then listening to random lectures.

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@SansPapyrus683 thanks always a good suggestion.