Not sure what file format to submit a solution in

Hello! I am a Java developer, currently bronze. I have been working off of my own IDE for a bit, just using example code, but haven’t submitted any to the USACO website. I tried to submit a solution for a past problem today, but it gave me errors like “CS90/src/�RK��0>�_1ʡ�,��V���j�n��U�R+!&ɀc[�T��v��^�}3��cg�?K��j3*$q�eP:�ﳬ�<WL�”#��ӥ��y���^e�X}|�kZM��>E�����!T�y �*��!e f������@�)0hk� ���Z��|��A-�5��l7eETiel���ڑ`���T@"]/�n-�jo�����kYǝ/;E+�8�d��b�n". I’m assuming I am probably using the wrong file format, as it works inside my IDE. There might be an answer, but I haven’t found any and any related topics are kind of not related at the same time. Thanks in advance! (I’ve tried .jar and .zip already, and similar errors).


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Thank you! It helped a bit, telling me it was .java, but it took 10 minutes of exporting my code in every possible file format to figure out which one was which haha.