Hi guys! I am quite new to this but when is the next USACO compeition approximately?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi I am also new in USACO. Really appreciate if someone can help me answer some of my basic admin questions as I can’t seem to find it in

Just curious, if I am not ready for December competition, but I want to follow the one on Jan 22, is this a possibility? Or do I have to first doe December before I can participate on Jan 22 one?

And I think I saw we can use either Python, Java or C++ when doing coding competition. Will we use our own preferred editor? Is the competition going to be online or on site? I assume online, is it going to use something like service?

and how to register for the competition?

thank you again for any kind of help.


  1. The current schedule on the website was for last year’s USACO.
    So this year’s contest dates will be different, but will still be around the same time (December, January, February/March, and March/April)

  2. Yes, you can skip contests that you can’t attend. You just won’t be able to promote in that particular contest.

  3. You can use a custom editor, IDE, etc. The competition will be online. USACO has an online grader - during the contest window, you upload your code, and the grader judges it against the testcases.

  4. Go to USACO. and register an account, and then during the contest windows, you can participate in the contests.

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@bessie do you know when the contest dates will be posted?

Nobody knows right now, but you could email Brian Dean if you’re curious.

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@bessie thank you so much for your thorough and details information. This is really helpful.

If I may I ask a follow up question. You said to register for the competition, I just have to go to USACO and during the contest window, I can participate in the contest. Does this means after registration, during the contest window, there will be some kind of option/button/page appears in the website that will allow me to participate the competition? Is there a fee for this?

I am a bit surprised that there is no clear direction about this in their website. But again, it is possible I missed this in their website.

Thanks again for your help.

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:
During the contest window, on, there will be a message that looks like this:

By clicking on the button, you’ll be taken to a page where you can begin your 4 hour testing window.

There’s no fee for participation.

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Thank you so much. This is very helpful.