Need Some Interesting and Innovating Ideas for Web Dev Projects

Hi Everyone. First time here so pardon any mistakes.
I am in college currently and preparing for internships and need a web dev project on my resume. I know basic HTML CSS and javascript. currently learning react.
Can you all suggest me some ideas which are not that repetitive in the industry? I googled some and found that the common projects recommended were either way too basic (eg. TO-do list, library management) or so popular that every other candidate has it on his resume( eg. Yelp Camp by colt steel).
so it would be really appreciated if you could suggest some ideas which do not take a lot of time and will help me learn new things and some resources (tutorials or anything if possible).
These could be projects you made in the starting years or as a recruiter would love to see on a candidate’s resume.
I am thinking of doing a bug tracker for now. pls, share your thoughts on that too.
cheers and thanks in advance!!!