Need serious Guidance as a Programming Beginner

Guys, I am a beginner to programming. I have just started randomly solving 800-1000 rated problems on codeforces.

My target is to reach >= Candidate Master on Codeforces. I don’t have any USACO Target as I am in College.

Please can any experienced coder tell me?

  1. How should I use USACO Guide for achieving my target?
  2. Is USACO Guide relevant for my target? i.e. CM on Codeforces.
  3. What Rating on Codeforces corresponds with USACO Titles?
  4. What will be the most effective way for me? USACO Guide OR any other resource?

Thank you for reading my message. Your answer will surely help me.

isn’t the forum active? Or I cant see any replies

no it isn’t really

some of your questions are answered at USACO FAQs. For the rest, idk