More practice questions

So I’m currently working on Silver, Sorting with Custom Comparators:

I have attempted the 3 “easy” level questions, and I haven’t been able to solve any of them first try. But after looking at the answer, I understand how to solve it.

So first question, I’m struggling with finding a solution to these problems when I first do it, do I just improve this by practicing more questions?

Second question, are there any other more practice problems on sorting, preferably questions with the “easy” difficulty? Or should I just move on to the listed “normal” level questions on this topic, even though I’m struggling to do the “easy” questions.

Please let me know,


I am facing the same problem as you. I feel like I can pass bronze easily, but silver is too difficult. I am solving easy silver problems and then I will move on to the silver module. This is working for me seeing that silver problems are starting to look simpler. I recommend that you do the same. Here is the site that lists easy silver problems.

I agree that “Sorting with Custom Comparators” is rather hard for an introductory Silver module.

I also agree that doing the “easy” problems from each module first might be a good idea.

I think it’s fine to proceed onto the “Normal” difficulty problems if you’ve implemented the solutions to the “Easy” ones (though Rental Service shouldn’t be marked as “Easy” …).

I’m not aware of any. Maybe someone else knows.

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