Making friends

Hello everyone, I am a beginner in this world of competitive programming, I would be happy if someone wanted to practice and challenge themselves with me :). I will do my best to reach the level of advanced people or practice with beginners who want to improve as well. My dream is to compete for first place in an international competition so who wants to do their best?

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Hi there! Well it’s nice to know that I am not the only beginner here :slight_smile: !
So sure, I would love to practice with you! But how?

I practice mainly on Codeforces and on the Australian Informatics Olympiad Training Hub (similar to USACO).

We can share key summaries of main topics and do some simultaneous challenges like solve some exercise in Code Forces with deadline and just share what we had to learn to solve it, not the solution.

I’m in the ICPC competition but I’m having trouble understanding the problem because I don’t know the jargon or technical language. Do you know C++? I’m starting to learn it

No, I don’t know C++ but I will start learning very soon if I am at IOI. But Python is really good for those who want to understand the algorithm of the problem fully. What language/s do you know?

Only Python haha, for now…

That’s alright. So just tell me what codeforces problem you’re working on and I’ll try to solve it. Then we can discuss our explanations.

Well…right now i’m trying to solve this problem, i have almost all the code but i cannot return the value (output) as the problem asks for it. The problem is not for Code Forces.
I leave you the pdf in the link and the python file in case you want to see my code. Just the final part of “print” it’s wrong.

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K will do in free time! Will reply today at night.

For some reason I cannot see your code. The document doesn’t work.

Maybe it is because it is a rar file, I just uploaded the .py file. If not here i’ts the same but in Github

We can share code through Github, it’s much easier that way :slight_smile:

i also want to joined you can i ??


Yea sure why not! Just friend us all through codeforces. I’ve friended you already. And if you have github that would be great because we would share our code on it.

My profiles are mentioned at my website.

And this is the repo where we will be sharing our code.

Send message in CodeForces, my nick is “Sphoreas”, then we will share you the group to edit code online.

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