LIT 2023 - Lexington Informatics Tournament IS BACK!

Participants can join our Discord server here

Hey there! LexMACS :star_struck: (Lexington Mathematical Computer Science club) is proud to announce that LIT (Lexington Informatics Tournament) is back for 2023 :fire::fire::fire:!

LIT is composed of 2 rounds: the standard round and the Capture-The-Flag ( CTF ) Cybersecurity round. The standard round is a USACO-style team contest with 8-10 problems and a 3-hour contest window. Some of our problem-setters and testers include ICPC winner, IOI winner, and many campers!

You may create teams of up to 3 members and choose to start either round at any time during our 5-day contest window (August 4th to August 8th). For more info on LIT logistics, visit

Furthermore, we will have over * $20,000 * worth of prizes for teams with superb performances, as well as some secret prizes :trophy: . ALL participants will receive participation prizes and be entered into prize raffles, and the top 16 contestants will receive Wolfram Alpha Notebook Edition :desktop_computer:. Top 8 teams from both the standard and CTF rounds will receive cash prizes! We also have cash prizes specific to both college/post-high school and middle school students, along with game night cash prizes! Regardless of your skill level, we promise that the contest will provide something exciting and refreshing!

For more info on LIT prizes, see the β€œPrizes” section on our homepage.

For more LIT 2023 details, visit our website: !!! Or email us at

:smiley: HOPE TO SEE YOU GUYS THIS YEAR!!! :tada::tada::tada:

LexMACS Organizers <3

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