Lexington Informatics Tournament 2021

Hi guys! We, LexMACS (Lexington Mathematical Computer Science club), are proud to announce our new competition, LIT (Lexington Informatics Tournament) 2021! LIT is comprised of 2 rounds, the standard round and the CTF guts round. The standard round is similar to USACO , where you are given 8 problems and 3 hours to solve. The CTF round will rely on contestants’ knowledge of computer security and general problem-solving skills to complete challenges and locate a “flag” for each.

You may create teams of up to 3 members, and choose to start either round at any time during our 5 days contest window (7/15/21 to 7/19/21 EST) . Furthermore, we will provide prizes to teams with superb performances as well as the top 50 contestants! Our current prize pool is worth more than $6000 :D. Regardless of your skill level, we promise that the contest will provide something exciting and refreshing! For more lit details, visit our website: https://lit.lhsmathcs.org. We also have a discord server for the latest information - https://discord.gg/k6yzFdZ

We are also partners with CP Initiative, CPI

Thank you for your interest! We hope to see you compete :smiley: