Is USACO website down?

I’m super worried because I already started the contest and so far this has been the closet I’ve ever been to passing. 1hr in and I have completed 1 question, and pretty much finished the 2nd question - but website keeps going down and I am unable to submit anything. During the few times the website reopened for a few seconds I can see that my contest timer is still going down. I tried re-submitting during these few times but website always shuts down beforehand. I tried opening USACO on a separate device and it still doesn’t work. This isn’t a wifi issue either, as I can still access the internet.

EDIT: It’s been an entire hour of sitting here and reloading my page : ( Any ideas what will happen to the contestants affected by this? Going to take a break now and hoping that website will be up again when I come back.

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usaco is down for eveyone

As per the official rules, email the contest organizer if you have any questions during the contest.