Is this guide helpful for college students

I am college student , and also want to excel at coding contest on codeforces .
Will this guide help me in direction of getting better on codeforces and codechef.

I guess…? I mean, this is its intended purpose.

It depends on what level you are. Many of the topics in this guide are geared towards USACO, which has algorithms applicable to CF and CC as you are interested in.

What is your CF rating? I can better answer this question from a more specific standpoint.

from the faq

Is this guide for non-USACO competitive programmers?

Of course! While we structure our content around USACO, feel free to use this guide even if you don’t do USACO. You will still learn a lot from it!

I have just started with cp , so my rating is about 900 in cf

Alright, I would recommend you do CF problems (hone in on specific types of problems using problem tags), rather than USACO Guide. Once you get to 1400-1500, you can start using USACO Guide (Silver) for algorithms, where there are plenty of problems from CSES, CF, and more.