I'm back, and in need of more advice

After two months of practicing, I am confident to say that I can do the first two questions on Bronze (exceptions are like Hoofball). But it’s always the last question that gets me. No matter how much I practice, I can never solve the third problem. I’ve been struggling like this for two weeks!!! How can I improve my problem-solving skills on harder problems?? I think I haven’t improved in weeks…

Just- do more problems? It’s painful, but it’s the only way to move forward.

In my opinion, you should do some greedy and ad hoc problems. Since the US Open is coming up, the problems will require more thought and creative thinking. (USACO January Bronze problem 3 for example would be the average level of difficulty there). The only way I passed was because I did a lot of ad hoc and greedy. Also, don’t be afraid to do the Silver module. The Silver module’s “Greedy Algorithms with Sorting” and DFS sections can be very useful for Bronze.

where did you find ad hoc problems to practice?

Many silver problems are ad hoc. You can also probably just google “ad hoc codeforces”.