How to submit solution in usaco?

Can someone tell me how to submit a solution to a problem for usaco and codeforces? I don’t know what you do after you create the zip file, and I’m surprised that there are no tutorials on youtube for this.

After you create the zip file, you want to open it in your folder. After that, you want to extract it. If you are using linux, you can choose where you want to extract it. If you are using windows, then I am not too sure. After you extract it, you will see all the files you have made in whatever IDE you used. Now, if you have just clicked extract, your files while be in the downloads folder. To submit, choose your language and just choose the file that has your code. It will be either *.java, *.cpp, *.py, or *.c. Click that file and submit.

lol don’t use or an online IDE. use an actual IDE pls, so u don’t have to go thru the process of extract and stf

Just copy and paste the corresponding source file into a text editor, save it, and submit it. Why do you need to create a zip file?

online IDEs are fine …

They’re just really annoying. You have to copy paste the code into a file to submit it every time.

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Also, there is a youtuber named Cararra. He uses Watch one of his videos where he solves USACO problems. He submits its using the zip extraction method I talked about.

Yeah, I know. That method is really inconvenient tho lol. idk why he uses repl

Well u kinda have to pay for stf like if u wanna use during contest :stuck_out_tongue:

If u name it something that is not the problem name I think u can use it. Or maybe delete the file once your done

should i switch to linux?

That will take a long time. If you want to, send an email to my personal email and I can help you. Otherwise, just extract the zip file you get when you download it from Then submit the file that has your code to the USACO grading server.

I personally use linux for cp, so I would definitely recommend it…

What would Linux offer that would be good for CP?

Better commands…

Like? All you need for CP is just a simple compile/run command, and even then most competent IDEs can accomplish that with the press of a few buttons.

cd, mkdir, clear, etc…

also fsr, vs code doesn’t compile on windows but it works on linux idk why. also, downloading stf is easier cuz u can do with cmd prompt…

Same with vim. It is so much easier to download and use. In windows, there was a bug that didn’t let me use it properly.