How To Learn--What Else Do I need To Do Except For Learning and Practicing

Hello Programmers,

I am asking a rather general question here, and as a noobie, I do not know how to make the question more precise, so please grant me some understanding. :slight_smile: I am self-teaching USACO with, but I am curious on what else should I do other than learning algorithms and knowledege in each modules and finish the problems. For example, how many extra practice problems do I need and where can I find them? Do I need a coach? Does doing some real-world programming projects help with USACO? What else should I do other than learning and practicing, if any?


For problems, well, USACO is always a good place to start, if you need more supplementation, use Codeforces, especially since the problems in USACO are becoming more like CF.

Coaches are not needed but if you want, they can help if you have extra questions or need more problems prepared instead of wasting time thinking by yourself or finding them.

Doing Projects? Nope. They help in no way! They are actually bad for you in the CP sense. Trust me, I tried, real world programming is different, too different, in thinking.

You really just need USACO guide for clearing Bronze!

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