How to fix a plateau in improvement/learning?

I’m in Bronze and I’ve done all of the contests from 2014-2021. Right now, if I were to do a practice contest, I usually get 2 and 1/4 correct out of the three questions and I’ve been like that for ~2 weeks. Any tips on how to improve? I feel like I’ve hit a plateau. I usually do the USACO Guide Problems and for each module, I usually do some extra practice on the topic on Leetcode until I think I understand it better before moving on to the next module. After I finish with the whole division’s modules, I start doing as many of the past contests I can and for each problem I do, I try to identify the key points/takeaways of the problem to make sure I’m getting something out of it. Any suggestions on how to improve my skills or learning strategies?

I think this discussion is related to your situation, and has some good advice.

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