Hiding USACO Problems

I think it would be nice if there was an option to confine the modules/topics/sections to non-USACO problems. For example, for each module you could possibly have an option for it to display USACO or non-USACO problems. I say this because I think the guide is more valuable in learning all the required topics for each division, but not for direct contest preparation in the means of problem solving and contest intuition, which you build up by doing random problems at your level. I don’t think it’s that necessary to use USACO problems in the process of learning the topics for each division. For example, I think it’d be a better process if you could learn all the required topics for silver for example, and then you can directly practice off of past silver problems without knowing the topics or having the tags of many problems being spoiled. In my opinion, this would lead to far better preparation for the contests. I just think there should be an option for this for people who want to preserve more USACO problems for random contest practice while still learning the relevant topics. You could argue that one can manually skip the problems by themselves in the respective modules and choose to only do non-USACO problems, but this in a way also spoils the problems as in skipping these problems, you find out that those USACO problems correspond to that module’s topic, which removes a huge observation of the problem which you wouldn’t have in contest. I don’t think finding more problems for each module would be too hard, as there are plenty of Codeforces problems which cover all of the topics thoroughly.

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but yeah valid point i guess

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Sure, if the application of the topic to the USACO problem is not immediately obvious and there are enough additional practice problems (though I’m not sure what qualifies as “enough”).