Gold Number Theory Section

So I was looking through AoPS and found this super cool Number Theory Book. The AoPS user Wizard_32 created it and decided to post it on the forum for free. I would recommend that you put the book into the gold number theory module because it has all the concepts that AoPS Intro to NT has plus a lot more. However, the book is intended for Math Olympiads so it will have concepts that you will probably never need for CP. Based on what is in the NT module, I think that you only need to do the first 2 chapters of the book and 9.2 because that section talks about the Chinese remainder theorem. However, don’t quote me on that seeing that I am only in USACO Silver.

So, here’s the link to the book;

Here’s the link to the AoPS forum;

Feel free to make a PR.

What’s a PR?

PR stands for Pull Request: Click Here for more Information

I’m not sure how to make a PR, but I made an “issue”. I’ll read about how to make a PR and then try to add it myself.