Failed Feb. is it hard to promote in the Open?

Why is Open considered be to harder? Does it test additional topics? Will the cutoff be lower? Is the promotion % the same?

Note: Specifically for the silver division.

Well, they provide an extra hour, so that means it must be a little different than previous contests…
However, the claim that US Open is supposed to be harder varies year-by-year.



Also depends…

I recommend you look at historical data from 2017-2020, and hopefully that will give you more case-by-case data that may answer your question.

For example, Cow Steeplechase wouldn’t be something I should expect regularly in a contest right? Sweep line is a plat topic in the guide. I am expecting hard problem solving, like the “Left Out” problem. However, Steeplechase is definitely testing extra topics that’s not in silver right?

Well, there are more “Ad-Hoc” problems, so I wouldn’t necessarily call it an additional topic, more or less problem-solving than anything.

So it is still possible to promote but in general harder?


What are some ways I could practice Ad Hoc problem/? What counts as Ad Hoc compared to regular algorithms problems? Aren’t problems these days in silver all kind of Ad Hoc?

Check out 2018 Open Silver, hope that can boost your confidence :slight_smile:

Try CodeForces problems. These problems will help boost your logical reasoning skills, which can be applied to Ad Hoc USACO problems.