Do you think wpm matters?

Also can we get a voting feature pls

Voting feature for what :stuck_out_tongue:?

I mean higher wpm means u can implement faster, right? For CF and other contests ig it matters :stuck_out_tongue:. For USACO, not so much bc ur not ranked by how quickly you solve (only on the number of tcs u get).

like a poll lol

Wh-why would you want a polling system?

Can’t you create polls like so:

Test Poll
  • Option 1
  • Option 2

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look at tmw’s typing speed (his yt channel). now look at his success. :pray: :open_mouth:

doesn’t matter for usaco
matters for cf probally
the bottleneck is always solution

omg what

lol as someone with over 100+ wpm and is stuck in silver, it doesn’t matter. The main thing is coming up with ideas and implementing them efficiently in code. That’s what many coders lack, trying to make up for it in typing speed will barely influence your usaco

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Yeah, I agree with you @77Panda. The main thing for passing a USACO is the problem-solving and the intuition during the contest as well as a strong understanding of algorithms and data structures to prevent TLE.

Yeah, WPM doesn’t matter. However, I will add that being able to implement and debug fast is a useful skill.

You could say WPM matters since typing extremely slow will be slightly detrimental to your chances @ USACO. However, you should not set aside time to practice your WPM in the name of competitive programming. You will get more than enough practice just practicing coding in general.