Cutoff Score 2020

What do you think the cutoff for bronze and the other leagues will be this year? I scored 733 on bronze, do you think I will make it? I sort’ve screwed up the last problem by not attempting the brute force method.

I can’t say for sure, but I would predict a Bronze cutoff of at least 750 …

Apparently Gold was hard so 600 is a possibility. :wink:

Idk anything about Silver.

Same here Brain, I got 733 (2/10 on the last question). I spent like 3 hours trying to debug, making like 30 test cases and manually solving them, then plugging them into my program, which worked, but yet I still got 2/10… idunno

I think Silver is most likely 750 (75%) and maybe 700 (25%). Problem 1 was pretty easy at least in terms of implementation and the key idea should become clear after some playing around with sample cases. Problem 2 was pretty hard to get full points on because of optimizing but I think a lot of people got at least 3/20 or 12/20 so I think it might be the same as a normal silver problem in terms of average point contribution. Problem 3 was a normal-diffuclty silver problem though it has a kind of tedious implementation.

I thought problem 1 of silver was just a typical dfs problem and problem 3 was pretty mediocre in difficulty and had a lot of possible solutions, but problem 2 was absurdly hard for me so I’m hoping for 700 cutoff, but I think that it’s more likely 750 because lots of people got 1/20 or 3/20 or 6/20