Completeness of USACO guide with python

On USACO guide it says that python support is currently very limited. I was wondering if anyone can elaborate on how limited this is, specifically for the bronze level guide which I am following. If I get to the silver/gold/beyond guides it won’t matter since I will probably switch to C++ by then. It’s rather difficult to go through and check the differences between the C++ version of the website and the python version so does anyone know more concretely these differences or know where it is written. If I am significantly missing out, I think I will go through the effort of learning C++ now both to not procrastinate it and to get the full use out of the guide, since I do find it helpful.

As a maintainer of the site, I can say that at most 1/3 of problems have Python support.

I think I will go through the effort of learning C++ now

Yeah, I would highly recommend doing this.

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What do you mean by problems? As in there are some problems without python solution added and explanations? Thanks for your response.

Yeah, only about 1/3 of the problems have solutions in Python, and that’s just for the Bronze module.