Coding Environments and in USACO

Hello! I’m JCW2016, and new to USACO, C++, and Competitive Programming :D(hence this question).

The USACO contest is tomorrow, and I’m facing a problem that I really should have considered earlier: am I allowed to use for my coding?

I know that 1. Prewritten code is not allowed (which is autofilled in USACO IDE) and that 2. I can’t have an “online IDE that displays code publicly.”

Would I be able to use the USACO IDE if I:

  1. Deleted the prewritten code, then started coding from scratch, and
  2. Set the “Default Sharing Permissions” in the USACO IDE to private?

If not, I may need some help with my coding set up. Right now, I’m using VSCode to write my code. Whenever I hit “Run,” I don’t see any input/output windows, so I can’t test and debug my solutions. I’m left staring at the “Output” terminal box until I hit “Stop Code Running.”

How should I set up my environment? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much,

seems fine

Running Code Locally should help (though I don’t use VSCode for competitive programming)