Choosing a Script Editor for Unity Game Development

Hai forum members,
I have some knowledge of Python, but no experience in game development. My question is, for someone starting from scratch with Unity and planning to learn C# (since it’s the only programming language it supports), which script editor should I use: Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code? I’ve heard that Visual Studio Code is more lightweight, takes up less space, and runs faster. I was also told that it has everything I’ll need for Unity. Should I go ahead and pick Visual Studio Code as my script editor, or are there advantages to using the full-fledged Visual Studio? Give me any suggestions.

I am late but welcome to game dev. I personally use Visual Studio because it was easy to setup and I am sure you have some idea of how difficult it is set up an environment as a beginner.
If space and internet are not an issue for you go for Visual Studio.

For a beginner in Unity with Python knowledge transitioning to C#, Visual Studio Code is an excellent choice. It’s lightweight, fast, and integrates seamlessly with Unity. Its extensive plugin ecosystem offers all necessary features for game development. However, Visual Studio provides advanced debugging tools and deeper Unity integration. If you prefer a simpler setup and prioritize speed, go for Visual Studio Code. If you anticipate needing robust debugging features or plan to work on larger projects, consider using Visual Studio. Both are solid options, so choose based on your workflow preferences and project requirements. Before making your choice, consider browsing through gaming magazine for insights and recommendations on preferred development tools and workflows in the gaming community.

What type of games are you planning to develop? This might also influence your choice based on the scale & complexity of your projects. If you prefer a quicker setup and a simpler interface, Visual Studio Code will serve you well.

But full Visual Studio is more feature-rich and is considered the industry standard for developing on Windows. It has powerful debugging tools, better Unity integration out of the box, and more comprehensive code analysis tools (at my experience, that’s not for beginners in unity game development, so you could probably better start with code)