Best C++ IDE for Mac

I normally code in Java on VSCode, but I am starting to learn C++ basics. But I think VSCode is really laggy for C++ on my mac for some reason. Also, I don’t have the line by line debug function?

Is there any recommendation on how I should code C++ on a mac? Which IDE is the best? Is there something I am missing in VSCode that’s causing the lag?

I think nvim or vim is best for linux since it is on the terminal. For the config, just find a guide online or create a separate topic for that.

What about mac? I am a Mac user.

Mac is incredibly similar to linux because it is Unix based. So I would recommend gvim, nvim, or vim. Mostly nvim because config is slightly easier and it handles plugins better.

It’s not an IDE, but I’ve added some additional notes + an image of my sublime text setup here (I am on Mac as well, please lmk if the instructions aren’t clear).

I don’t know anything about Vim or VSCode debugging features. (I don’t use a debugger myself.)

Thanks Ben!