Average Time Spent for Specific Level

Hi there,

Whilst we all know that practice is the only known way for good, consistent results in these competitions and that there is no such thing as the best practice routine, I wanted to know how much time was spent solving problems or studying for olympiad informatics to get to a specific level.

The levels I’m particularly interested in is USACO Platinum and being able to solve two or more problems on USACO Problems.

Thank you in advance.

Do you mean being able to solve two or more platinum problems consistently every contest? :eyes:

(Or like “being able to solve two or more problems in lower divisions so I can promote to Platinum”)

imagine even getting to platinum

Apologies, I meant two different levels one of which being able to get to USACO platinum and the other being able to solve platinum problems. Perhaps I should have said solving most gold problems in-contest rather than getting to platinum.