Anyone up for clearing USACO silver and gold?

Im trying to completing the guide, it’d be better if I get partner(s). We’ll discuss with each other about problems and resources and try to clear the Silver and Gold level. We can also have contest monthly / weekly to see our progress. That way we would be able to finish the guide much easily. Anyone interested in co-operative work can knock me. Thanks in advance!

Hey there!

We have a codeforces learning group if you would like to join. We do discuss about USACO problems as well. @Sphoreas and I code together through

What rating problems do you guys solve?

We just solve problems together if we’re stuck. It can be any rating just as long as we don’t know how to solve the problem we’ll work together on it.

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We´re starting, with problems between 800-1500 in CodeForces.

may I join too?

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Yes sure why not!
What is you github username?
Here is the live coding IDE that we use:

Hey I’m interested, but probably after Oct since college apps are time consuming

OKay no problem! Do you have github?

Yea, my username is JhaoZ

Thanks I’ve sent you an invite.

Hi, could I also join the group?

Yes of course! Just tell me your github username :slight_smile:

Sure, it’s codexistent

K thx

I’ve sent you an invite to

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Could I join as well? My username is JD12

Of course! Could you give me the link to your github profile instead thx!

Here is is