Advice on coding during the school year?

School recently started and I’m feeling kind of depressed because a) I literally only have 1-2 hours to code each day and b) a lack of sufficient sleep (only 7-8 hours a night) has caused my brain to not work as well, leading to less efficient coding/CP practicing when I actually do get around to it.

How do you guys deal with this? Any advice?

Well, I just stick to a very strict schedule so I can spend my time on the most useful things like coding and sports practice and homework. I tend not to play video games at all but if I do it’s only for 15 minutes.

For me after school (which ends at 3pm) I spend as much time as I can on homework till 6:00pm then from 6m to 9pm I code, then have dinner (my dinners are late), from the time dinner is over to 10:30pm I have free time like to read books, code again, catch up homework if you want, and watch a movie and browse on socials and emails. 11:00pm I am on the bed.

A good advice would be, get more sleep. I know you may have a lot of things to do but good sleep is required for good coding sessions and study sessions.

And some days you may have special events like sports training or if you are part of a society like NJHS and NHS those days you don’t have to bother much on homework.

I am currently in Australia doing American online schooling so don’t think I am staying up late :slight_smile: Hope I helped!

Woah that sounds like a great schedule, but the problem is I have to sleep at 8:30 (to get the optimal amount of sleep in. (and I get home at 3, which doesn’t leave a lot of coding time once you subtract exercise (~1.25 hrs), math(30 min), homework (~1 hr), and dinner(45 min.)

What time do you wake up anyways?

8:00am so I can get ~9 hours of sleep. That’s only because currently in Australia we’re having lockdowns so we’re kinda chill here. But normally I get up at 6ish or 7ish the latest.