Adding an option to hide problem difficulty

I would really like an option to hide problem difficulties and shuffle the problems’ order in the guide. This is because when I see that a problem is tagged as “hard” or above, I go into the problem knowing that. Because of that, I’m less inclined to work it out, and I give up and head to the editorial more easily because I know it’s supposed to be very challenging and that I may or may not solve the problem if I bang my head at it for a few hours. The same may apply the other way around as well; if I see that a problem is tagged as “very easy” or “easy”, it may not be so easy for me, and because I think that the problem should be a breeze it can lead to me underestimating it or not approaching it the best way, which in turn would hinder my solving process. The “easy” tag can also lead to me being frustrated that I’m not understanding or solving this problem quickly enough, as it is supposed to be easy, and it can bump down my confidence in the topic or in solving problems in general. Overall I think that the difficulty tags of problems can deter you from approaching those problems with the right mindset, so I would like for there at least to be an option to hide the tags and shuffle the problems.

Interesting idea… I’ve always thought the problems were designed to be done in incremental difficulty; general practice would be done just by randomly doing old USACO problems (or by using the Problems page if we ever get around to finishing that :stuck_out_tongue:)

What would be the use case for hiding difficulty tags + shuffling? If this is your first time approaching the topic, Hard/Insane problems will be near impossible to solve (therefore not very beneficial), and if you’re experienced with the topic already then solving very easy / easy problems will not be very helpful either, right?