Account Linking Problem

I accidentally logged in and made two accounts, one with google and one with github. I thought it would automatically link since I had the same email address, but for some reason it didn’t. Can a site admin fix this?


If you signed up with Google first, then signed in with GitHub, it should allow you to link your accounts. If you signed in with GitHub first, then Google, it won’t link your account and will replace your sign-in method with Google; signing in with Google again should prompt you to link your accounts.

In any case, your data should not have been lost. Can you confirm which order you signed in with Google and GitHub, and if you now have two accounts with different data?

I signed in with GitHub then Google.
The two accounts have different data.
Just wondering, why does the order matter?

Hmm, that’s weird. If you sign in with Google again, it doesn’t ask you to link the two accounts? Can you send the email and GitHub account used to, and I’ll take a look.

The order matters because of how Firebase works – see more here: Authenticate Using Google with JavaScript  |  Firebase Documentation.

Sorry for the late response, but I think the reason that it failed was because the google email was not the main email on the github account. I don’t need to link the accounts now, thanks for the help though.
Also, I would recommend adding a “delete account” function.