2022 TeamsCode Virtual Programming Contest

Hello everyone!

TeamsCode is excited to announce the Spring 2022 Online Programming Contest, taking place on Saturday, April 2nd, from 9 to 5 PM (Pacific Time) through a Youtube livestream! Teams of up to 4 students will spend 3 hours solving interesting algorithmic problems.

There will be three divisions: Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced, so no matter what skill level you are, there is a place for you.

In addition to our algorithmic competition, TeamsCode will be featuring two speakers, Brian Dean, the head of USA Computing Olympiad (USACO), and Jonathan Paulson, an avid competitive programmer and USACO staff member.

Over 4500 dollars worth of prizes will be given out, including placement awards, raffle prizes, and more! Only pre-college participants are eligible for prizes.

Please visit https://www.teamscode.org/contests/spring-2022 for instructions on how to register and for more info about the contest! Join our Discord here: https://discord.com/invite/t4NNKDaZHe.



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