2019 January Bronze Problem 3 Guess the Animal

Problem link: http://www.usaco.org/index.php?page=viewproblem2&cpid=893

I am trying to understand the result for test 2.in. In test 2, animal 2 and animal 3 have 3 common characteristics: 8, uvsuy, jjivs

jgfdx 8 blnsa drube cehch jjivs ipzzr uvsuy relln kicqc
nyfdz 8 bynec uvsuy tokyx mpapq jjivs vihjo owkky oypay

According to the solution logic, the answer should be the number of common characteristics plus 1 which is 4 for these two animals.

Why the final answer in 2.out is 3?


‘8’ isn’t a characteristic of either animal. It simply represents the number of characteristics that follow.

Oh. Thanks