2016 February Contest, Silver Problem 2. Load Balancing

My solution passed all the cases for the bronze Load balancing problem. but My question is whats the difference between bronze Load balancing and Silver Load balancing (without the N is <=100 for bronze and N <= 1000 for silver ) . If the only difference is the N then why doesn’t the solution(official one) of silver Load balancing doesn’t pass the Bronze Load balancing problem cases(if it passes N<= 1000 it should pass N<=100) but it gets WA in all cases except NO.1 .I checked both problems but I didn’t notice anything different than the N.

Compare the sample inputs.

Look at the first line of the sample input of the bronze vs the first line of the sample input on the silver.

From what I can see, B only sets maximum values for the cows- it doesn’t do anything else.

Yes, but the input would be wrong. It would shift all of the x coordinates to be y coordinates and y coordinates to be x coordinates. The last number would not even be processed. I think the author just copy pasted the code from the silver solution so it wouldn’t work.

(Given the author is using C++, and not a language using split)

Why would switching the coordinates change anything?

thank you guys I got it .I didn’t notice that there is no B input in silver problem .since I haven’t used the B in bronze I forgot that there was a input called B in bronze lol .got my answer the only difference is N <=100 and N<=1000 (my bronze solution passed 6 cases in silver load balancing as it should )